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Welcome to Straight "A" Academy Education Centers - tutoring, test prep and more!

Thank you Mr Straight A,

My daughter, Victoria, was excited about her first (SAT Prep) class last night. "Why didn't my math teacher teach me geometry this way?" She asked.

Charlotte S.
January 21, 2014

Dear Mr. A,

"... I thought you would be glad to know that I have increased my score by 270 points!  All the SAT prep we did in the summer helped me a lot when I was doing this test!  Today I have received my first offer from Northeastern University. ... Thank you for your help and time spent with us.  We really appreciate this!"

Hannah Tsentser
St. Clares School, UK
February 13, 2014

Mr. "A" with Rudy

Mr. "A" asks, "Can you beat the billionaire?"
Mr. "A" goes Straight "A" Walking with SoZo CEO, Mark Adams

1)  The profit that a company earns is equal to its revenue minus its expenses.  If the revenue, in dollars, which a company makes for selling x items is given by the function R(x) = 12x and the expenses it must pay for selling those x items is given by the function E(x) = 3x+12, then which of the following expresses the profit, in dollars, that the company earns for selling those x items?

A)  P(x) = 15x+12      B)  P(x) = 15x-12      C)  P(x) = 9x+12      D)  P(x) = 9x-12      E)  P(x) = 12-9x

2)  Even his friends believed that Juan was too submissive to his superiors in the office and told him that such ___________ behavior might even harm his chances of promotion.

A)  recondite      B)  obsequious      C)  capricious      D)  nonplussed      E)  truculent

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