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With the cost of college skyrocketing and the competition for scholarship money on the rise, high school student profiles have become acutely important.  In an ever-shrinking world and an ever-more globalized economy, our children are facing an ever-increasing challenge once they graduate from college.  Straight "A" Academy has the vision and the experience to position your children for future success as world-class students.


"Education is more an art than a science.  Each child is either a masterpiece in the making or a mere outline of what might have been."

                                                                                    Felix Alvarado, Jr. (Mr. "A")

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Spend 30 days living and traveling with a small group of students and instructors as this one-of-a-kind educational excursion explores the most amazing sites in Spain!  Receive one year high school credit.



How the greatest minds in history were developed!  From Plato to Pythagoras and from Pascal to Planck, private tutelage has always been vastly superior to mass education for developing a child's potential.

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Straight "A" Academy proudly presents the most unique and effective College Admissions Prep Program available anywhere in the country!

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