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UMass College of Pharmacy

​Academics - Medicine

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College Essay Assistance

Do NOT take lightly this incredibly important part of the college application process.  The college essay is your chance to shine, to differentiate yourself from the tens of thousands of other applicants.  You need to reveal your true inner person so that college admissions counselors can make sure that you and the college are a good fit.  Bring us your already-written essay(s) for review, or let us help you write something the college admissions counselors have never ready before, something fresh and innovative!  The following services can be applied to as many essays and supplemental essays as you like within the time constraints!

ASSISTANT COACH:  2 hours worth of essay review, editing, recommending and follow-up review - $300

HEAD COACH: 5 hours worth of essay brainstorming, building, writing, reviewing, editing, and follow-up review - $600

"I would highly recommend Mr. "A" to any parent who has a student looking towards college.  With his help, both my Son (College Sophomore) & Daughter (College Freshman) got into top Colleges."

Bill Winn, Bedford, NH


David Alvarado - Mr. "A" 2.0

Gordon College

​Athletics - Performing Arts

WHEN SHOULD WE START?  It's never too early to begin the process of college coaching, but Straight "A" recommends connecting with your Coach sometime between the 8th Grade and the Freshman Year.  Tuition will cover the student for all of high school, so it is most cost effective to start early.  Our proprietary process keeps the Coach and student in contact at least once per month the entire time.  We will NOT accept students after June of the Junior Year, except for the Live Online Interactive Coaching.

In order to offer the best College Coaching in the country, we have to limit the number of students with whom we work.  To check for availability, please call us. We work as a team for ALL of our students, but we assign one Coach to be the "Personal Trainer".  That  Coach will give you a personal phone call to follow up. Once both parties are convinced we have the right fit, we can proceed.

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“Overall we were extremely satisfied with Mr. A as Zachary's test prep and college coach.  Zak was less than enthusiastic at first about "a College Coach", but after his first meeting with Mr. A, he quickly changed his mind! Mr. A has a unique ability to relate to his students on a number of levels, communicating in a way that promotes independent thinking and confidence. Although Zak did not take the SAT before meeting with Mr. A, we are certain that the SAT test prep classes increased his scores substantially. We would highly recommend Mr. A and Straight A Academy to all high school students would encourage parents to consider using these services early in the high school years.”

​- Madeleine Kerr

Kelley Beane

Former US Junior National Racquetball​ Head Coach

Felix Alvarado, Jr. - Mr. "A"

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

​Academics - Test Prep

David "Coach Coop" Cooper

James Madison​  2006

Asst. Coach Brampton A's

​NBL Canada

Judee Alvarado, Jr. - Mrs. "A"

Simmons College

​College Essays

Rene "Rainy" Couture

Keene State College


"I was very satisfied with our family's experience at Straight "A" Academy. Our son increased both his SAT and ACT scores after taking the SAT Prep course. This increase helped him to qualify for a larger scholarship at the school of his choice. Our other son needed guidance with constructing a college essay. Mr. A met with him one on one and offered guidance on improving this very important essay. Whatever your child's academic need, I would recommend Mr. A and Straight "A" Academy!"

 - Kristen Beals

 “We learned about Felix and Straight A from friends in town and we could not be more pleased. Felix has the knowledge and experience we were looking for to help us plan our son's transition from high school into college. They also have tutoring on site which we found to be very reasonable because it was one-on-one, not group session tutoring that we had used in the past. Mr. A is also helping our son with his senior project - it is very ambitious and would not have been possible without his contacts and experience. We strongly recommend anyone to come and speak 'Mr. A' and judge for yourself, we believe you will also find it to be a very good decision.”

- Richard F. Scott 

Choosing the right program at the right college for the right price for the right student is a challenging feat.  That's why Straight "A" offers Straight "A" College Preparedness and Admission Consulting.  We've found the most qualified and most congenial Coaches who can help "package" your student and "market" him/her to the college that is the best fit.  No matter where you are in the country, a Straight "A" Education Consultant can interact with you and your student in real time to have an enormous impact on your student's future.  You have access to the best College Coaches in the country who offer a personal touch! 


 The Total Package

 Everything goes through the Straight "A" Coach.  For the busy professionals whose time is limited. NO STRESS!  We've got this covered; your Straight "A" Coach will manage all aspects and communicate progress to  you, but  only "bother" you for signatures and others items that mandate parental data and decision.  We'll even follow  up with your student through the first year of college!  Includes a special bonus of up to 12 hours of one-on-  one SAT/ACT Test Prep or subject tutoring! Guaranteed to pay for itself in scholarships and college awards!


 Parental  Management

 For the parents who want to direct the entire process but want UNLIMITED access to a Coach to help them  through the process and help build their child's profile/resume. Guaranteed to pay for itself in scholarships  and college awards!
 Online Live  & Interactive

 The first and third Mondays (8:30pm-9:30pm Eastern Time) of every month we share timely concerns and  strategies with students and parents.  And we always leave time in each meeting for a question and answer  session to address specific concerns. 12-Month Access!  Includes Mr. and Mrs. "A"s weekly email TO DO LIST!


Here are 45 minutes of invaluable coaching!

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