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New England's #1 Test Prep Coach, Mr. "A" explains the Straight "A" Method

​Winter/Spring SAT Test Prep at Straight "A" Academy

Dr. Douglas Moll, DMD, shares why he has chosen Straight "A" for all 3 of his children's test prep needs.

Sophomore & Junior Test Prep Program 

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The One-On-One Option

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 “My wife and I could not be happier with the SAT Preparation and other programs offered by Straight A academy.  It was a great investment in our son's academic career and paid off well.

It is a great program run by Felix Alvarado since he relates to the participants so well.  He also tailors the program to meet the needs of each individual participant's weaknesses and works one on one with them based on the results of the sample tests.  He constantly updates his program based on the changes in the SAT testing program.  

We did look at some of the National programs but they were much more structured and a one size fits all type of program without the individual focus that Felix offered.  

Our son appreciated the program since it "forced" him to do the preparation properly where he might not have on his own.  Most importantly, it allowed him to be once and done by doing well on his first test so he did not have to suffer through multiple tests with the added pressure of needing to improve each time.

The Straight A program is well worth the investment for your son or daughter.  Our son was accepted at all the colleges where he applied, including his two stretch schools, which 
was assisted by his strong SAT performance a significant achievement for him.  We could not be prouder of his results that Felix helped create with him.”

- Eric O'Brien