Immersion Prep Training - Fall 2018
Training for the October SAT & PSAT 

Students enrolled in our Fall Immersion Prep Training will receive:

- 8 hours of live training with Mr. “A” the #1 Test Prep Coach in New England! 

- All sessions are streamed live on our YouTube Channel and recorded, available to view later at your convenience (in case a student has to miss a class or wants to rewatch their training). 

- We provide each Immersion Prep Student with their own Test Prep Book.

- Social Media! We immerse our students by actively engaging them outside of school with fun and instructional content.

- 24/7 access to the Straight "A" Forum. Ask questions and get feedback from other students and Straight "A" Teachers.

- Students can earn prizes through their active participation!

CollegeBoard's practice tests

 Immersion Prep truly immerses members with our daily social media support:

  • Straight “A” Snap Tips -  Daily test prep tips from Mr. “A” and his private students.
  • Straight “A” Word of the Day -  Building vocab can be both fun and pedagogically sound! Watch 30 second to 1-minute clips from well-known movies, and learn from the vocabulary used by the characters. Check it out for free on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Straight "A" Quote of the Week - Read weekly quotes on Instagram from notable philosophers like Henry David Thoreau, John Locke, and more.
  • Straight “A” College Coaching -  Get college advice and useful info on test prep, admissions and more directly from Mr. "A". On Instagram and other platforms.
  • 24/7 Access to our Straight "A" Forum -  All Immersion Prep Members will have access to our Straight "A" Forum. Ask questions and get feedback from other students and Straight "A" Teachers.

Dr. Douglas Moll, DMD, shares why he has chosen Straight "A" for all 3 of his children's test prep needs.


  • All participating students will receive a test prep book 
  • Mr."A"'s SAT/ACT/PSAT test prep curriculum
  • ​Test prep practice questions
Test Prep Workbook

The Test Prep Workbook

Why is Mr. "A" the #1 Test Prep Coach in New England?

- 99% of his students improve real SAT/ACT over real SAT/ACT test scores.

- 2/3 of his students improved by more than 200 points on the old SAT, 130 on the new SAT and 3+ points ACT

Number of students served – more than 4,000 students personally taught and trained.

- 30 years a professional, classroom educator with test prep experience since 1998.

- Curriculum writing and innovation

- Student Rating

Rudy Ruettiger and Dave Montoya give words of encouragement to Straight "A" Students.


Upcoming Fall 2018 Pinkerton Training Schedule: 

September 8th, 1-3 pmAcademy Building - Lecture Hall
September 15th, 1-3 pm
Academy Building - Lecture Hall
September 22th, 1-3 pmAcademy Building - Lecture Hall
September 29th, 1-3 pmAcademy Building - Lecture Hall

 But Don't Take It From Us... Read what Immersion Prep Students and the community have to say about Mr. "A"!

The One-On-One Option

Straight "A" Nation's David Alvarado gives an inspirational speech about the concept of "The Slight Edge" to Immersion Prep Students.

New England's #1 Test Prep Coach, Mr. "A" explains the Straight "A" Method

A message from Mrs. "A"

Immersion Prep

​​PSAT/SAT Test Prep Program