Dr. Ron Paul visits Straight "A" Academy,

and answers questions from Straight "A" students

enrolled in our Private Tutelage Program.

​More Flexible than Public or Private School.  Better Than Homeschooling.  It's the way the greatest minds in History were trained. A Straight "A" Education will: nurture creativity, develop the whole person, stimulate intellectual curiosity, cause the student to ask intelligent questions, individualize the training and instruction.  Your student might not rise to the level of genius of Plato or Pythagoras, Pascal or Planck, but he/she will without a doubt, climb to his/her maximum potential! 

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"Straight "A" Academy has provided private tutelage for my daughter...  Her teachers challenge my daughter to think abstractly and encourage self expression in a fun, caring atmosphere.  Enrolling my daughter in Straight ""A" Academy was the best decision for her success as a student and as a person."       

Linda Healy, Bedford, NH    May 25, 2010

"The staff of Straight "A" Academy have created an exceptional environment for our son during the 2011-2012 academic year.  The instructors' joy of learning is infectious... As parents of a Straight "A" Academy student, we are pleased to see that the staff supports the strengths of each individual student and inspires them to set and reach their personal goals, while assuring that they receive the academic background they will need to succeed in the real world."

Dr. Ken and Dr. Cheryl Schunk, Bedford, NH

"I have witnessed firsthand the wonderful job they (Felix and Judee Alvarado) do tutoring their students, as my own child was a full time student of theirs several years ago.  I witnessed the quality of education they brought to my son and was impressed by their remarkable amount of dedication and personal care they provided. My son is now entering his freshman year at Plymouth State University and I am positive that his acceptance there was in large part due to the extraordinary education and tutoring that Felix, Judee and Aimee gave him."

Maureen O'Donnell (of Bedford, NH)
Director of Vocational Services

Granite State Independent Living

Manchester, NH    August, 2011