Individualized Private Tutoring for Individual Needs - Nearly all of our tutoring is one-on-one.  However, in certain circumstances, and as a convenience to our pupils, we might work one-on-two or three (max.)

Straight "A" Academy offers the following tutoring services to the general public.

 Welcome to Straight "A" Academy's Individualized Private Tutoring
Aimee Baker, Director of Bedford Tutoring Center

"I wanted to follow-up to let you know what a great job Jesse’s tutor (Aimee) did.  Since meeting last week, Jesse has had two math quizzes and earned 100 on one and 95 on the other.  He is thrilled, as am I, and his confidence is back."   


Kristin H,  Bedford, NH

"Straight “A” Academy has provided tutoring for my daughter which is individualized, clear and concise in an easy to learn format. Her tutor challenges my daughter to think abstractly and encourages self-expression in a fun, caring atmosphere. The sessions are customized for what is needed at the time and promote both self-esteem and self-direction.

Enrolling my daughter in Straight “A” Academy was the best decision for her and her success. My faith extends to her enrolling in Straight “A” Academy on a full-time basis in the fall for her success as a student and a person."

-Linda Healey

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Straight "A" Tutor Aimee Baker with one of her students in a private tutoring session at Straight "A" Academy.


(Includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee!)

 1)  Pay-as-you-go (min. 2 hrs.) $70/hr.
 2)  Special Category Tutoring (min. 2 hrs.) $85/hr.
 (Calculus, Physics, Latin, AP or other specialized training)
 3)  Package of 10 one-hour sessions $65/hr. ($650.00)
 4)  Package of 10 one-hour sessions (specialized) $80/hr. ($800.00) 
 5)  Package of 20 one-hour sessions $62.50/hr. ($1,250.00)
 6)  Package of 20 one-hour sessions (specialized) $77.50/hr. ($1,550.00)

"Our daughter has struggled in math both her freshman and sophomore years in high school, never getting better than a C in level 3 classes. This school year we turned to Straight “A” for private tutoring after trying other services with no improvement. Our daughter’s grades have steadily improved this year and she now holds a solid B in level 3 Algebra II. Aimee has done a wonderful job with helping our daughter grasp the fundamentals and improve her comprehension of the one area she has always struggled in. Thank you to all at Straight “A”!!

​-Ken Neil

To request additional information and/or pre-register, please submit a Pre-Registration/Application Form. Once you have decided on the appropriate tuition package, please take care of the tuition using PayPal, credit card or personal check made payable to: "Straight "A" Academy".

~ Testimonials~


- We endeavor to be flexible and to schedule tutoring sessions at times most convenient to the students and parents. Therefore, we require a minimum 24 hours notice for cancellation or rescheduling. No-shows, late cancellations and/or late arrivals may be charged for the time that a tutor was present, waiting for the student.

- Sessions are scheduled for 55 minutes (1 hr.) at a time. If a student requires additional help beyond the session, he/she may stay and receive additional help. The extra time will be applied against the pre-paid tuition in 15-minute increments. If a student’s classwork is completed early in the session, the student will be directed in Straight “A” Academy academic initiatives, such as eyeQ, "Straight "A" Math", “Straight "A" Vocabulary” or “Straight "A" Write Like a Pro.”

- All tutoring, unless otherwise noted, is individualized tutoring. Individualized tutoring is defined as primarily a one-to-one or two-to-one student to teacher ratio.  However, on occasion, there may be a need or academic advantage to have the instructor work with multiple students. The maximum ratio for individualized tutoring at Straight “A” Academy is three (3) students to one (1) instructor.

- Tuition is to be paid in advance. Straight “A” Academy offers a satisfaction guarantee. If the client is not 100% satisfied with the services provided, we will refund any unused portion of tuition. This guarantee does not apply to cases in which the client chooses to terminate contracted services due to scheduling difficulties, illness, moving or any other such reason.


*GUARANTEE:  All Straight "A" Academy Services come with an unconditional guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the services rendered, simply sit down with the Director and explain what the problem was and what you feel would be a fair resolution. The Director will personally take care of you and make sure you are satisfied.