Mr. "A" is in great demand. By leveraging technology, he works with students from anywhere in the world! 1-on-1 and small group SAT ACT test prep in Bedford, NH, or in his large cyber classroom, Mr. "A" offers the best training available anywhere in the world!

All of Mr. "A"s training is live and available in-person or online.  Here are your options:

 "My daughter went to Mr. A after he came highly recommended by a friend and I have to say he is every bit as he was recommended to be.  I spent a decent amount of time with Mr. A understanding his method of teaching and his strategy for success and I can unequivocally state that all of his methods are effective and efficient.  My daughter was averaging around 26 in practice tests prior to meeting Mr. A and after her sessions with him ended up getting a 31 in her first try of the ACT.  It is not the score that mattered for me as much as I saw the level of confidence and poise that my daughter had as she neared the exams.  Mr. A is truly a remarkable teacher and I wholly agree that he is the BEST test prep coach in NE.  I would recommend Mr. A to my friends without any hesitation or reservation as he is truly a "Straight A". Thanks Mr. A."

-Umesh Rao

Welcome to Straight "A"s ACT/SAT/PSAT Combined Test Prep 


ACT/SAT/PSAT Test PrepIn Person or Online

Mr. "A" has totally streamlined his ACT/SAT/PSAT training regime. Because the New SAT and PSAT design and format are so similar to those of the ACT, one training will prepare students for all 3 exams. You no longer have to worry about start and end dates. ENROLL ANYTIME!!! *Elite Training requires set start times ​

1)  PREMIER Small Group - Unlimited Training:  Mr. "A" has developed an ongoing training program that will prepare students for all three of the major college entrance exams. Join a class ANYTIME - TODAY if you like - Mr. "A" recommends a minimum of six (6) classes before taking the target test, but he knows that some students meet their goals for test scores more quickly than do others. With ongoing practice and training, every student can continue to improve his/her scores on future tests. (Please keep in mind that both Mr. "A" and his students will have varying vacation dates.)

3)  One-On-One Training: Mr. "A" is available in person at his office in Bedford, NH or in cyberspace via Skype, Face Time, AnyMeeting, etc.  Mr. "A" has worked with students in Russia, France, Spain, UK, Taiwan, Canada and remote parts of the US. Using technology, you have direct, personal access to one of the foremost test prep coaches in the world!!! All you have to do is make sure you and Mr. "A" are available at the same time and technology brings you together no matter where you are in the world.

- Students must purchase or otherwise have available the Official SAT Study Guide and/or the Real ACT Prep Guide.

- Students will receive an e-copy of Mr. "A"s curriculum.


 One-On-One training also available for ACT, PSAT, SAT, SAT II Subject Tests & AP Exams!

​2)  ELITE Small Group - 6 Week Courses: Traditional style courses lead up to key test dates.  Training prepares students for all 3 of the major college entrance exams (ACT/SAT/PSAT).  Elite Courses are offered 5 times per year.  Fall / Late Fall / Winter / Spring / Summer.

A Straight "A" Student preparing for the SAT with Mr. "A" during a 1-on-1 training session

at Straight "A" Academy

"As a high school student, naturally, one of the most stressful components of the college application process is the SAT. I acquired the suggested textbooks and handouts in order to prepare for the exam, though I found that the sample passages, corresponding questions, and associated problems were simply not enough to attain the score I was hoping to receive. I sought after a more personal, fine-tuned method of preparation. Thus, through word of mouth, I contacted Mr. "A" to find out more about his program and teaching style. After some thought, I decided to give it a try.

Looking back, I can confidently say that I owe a significant amount of gratitude to Mr. "A", as it is safe to say that my success is largely attributed to my time with him. From easy scheduling fit to the student's available time outside of school, a personable attitude and method of communication and, most importantly, a practiced and proven teaching strategy, Mr. "A" lowers the looming pressures of academic performance and instills a sense of confidence and preparedness for not only the SAT, but the college application process as a whole. I would recommend Mr. "A" to any student looking to either improve a previous 
, or perform most closely to their greatest potential the first time taking the SAT."

- Yanick Baribeau, Bedford, NH