Dear Mr A,

How are you doing? Hope everything is alright with you and your family. We are often remembering those good summer times in Straight
A Academy. It gave us a lot!   I thought you would be glad to know that I have increased my score by 270 points to 1760. My essay got 10. I was also doing English Proficiency Test IELTS needed for universities. I got 8 out of 9 (9 is the level of native speaker and 7 is usually required for all top universities). All the SAT prep we did in the summer helped me a lot when  I was doing this test!  Today I have received my first offer from Northeastern University. Although I have applied to many other universities, I think that I would accept this offer. Still waiting for a response from other universities though. Thank you for your help and time spent with us. We really appreciate this!  

Best wishes,

AnnaTsentser, Belarussia - via St. Claires Academy, U.K.

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"I have known Felix Alvarado, Jr. for decades. Not only is he one of the most intelligent people I know, he is a naturally gifted teacher. He is an innovator who has 

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worked directly with his students for over 30 years. So, when he develops new curriculum or programs, you can be sure he has done so with his students in mind. Mr. Alvarado (Mr. "A") has created the first-of-its-kind college Test Prep system that works like a college course which leverages technology and gives your student direct access to Mr. "A" himself.  The results have been extremely impressive. Thus, it is with utmost confidence that I highly recommend you connect with Straight "A" today!"
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez, President/CEO Caduceus Healthcare (Top 500 Fastest Growing Co.)
Atlanta, Georgia


 Math  -  700  ;  Reading  -  700  ;  Writing  -  690    94/95 percentile in all !!!  It was an increase of 60 pts in math, 40 pts in reading and 70 pts in writing.  We are very pleased.  She didn't have much time between school and extracurricular obligations to put into SAT studying, but she obviously got a lot out of your classes and assignments.


K. Andersen (parent), Bedford, NH

The scores came in today and wow!  I received a 660 on critical reading, 650 on math, and 580 on writing!  Totaling a 1890.  I'm extremely pleased with these scores compared to my last scores (Reading - 460, Math - 570, Writing - 490) all of them saw a significant increase!  200 point difference in reading alone!  This is great.  Thanks again!


James O'Brien (student), Bedford, NH

"I took the SAT in January, didn't do so well.  Then I to the Straight "A" Elite Test Prep course leading up to the March SAT Test.  My overall scores jumped 290 points!  Now I'm eligible for admission into every college I was interested in, and I'm being offered more scholarship money, too!  Thanks Mr. A!" 

Trevor Morrisette (student), Bedford, NH

"My first SAT scores weren't bad, but I wanted to improve.  So, I took a SAT Prep course at a local college.  My second SAT scores actually fell by 20 points.  Then I took the Straight "A" Elite Test Prep Course.  My third and final SAT scores improved by 140 points.  I would have been happy with a 50 point increase, but I think the individualized attention with a small class really helped put me over the top."

Alex Kaszinski (student), Goffstown, NH

"The Straight "A" Elite Test Prep guarantees an increase of at least 100 points (if you do the assignments).  While my scores improved by more than 100 points per section, 330 increase overall!"

Shawni Robinson (student), Bedford, NH

Private Tutoring:

"I wanted to follow-up to let you know what a great job Jesse’s tutor did.  Since meeting last week, Jesse has had two math quizzes and earned 100 on one and 95 on the other.  He is thrilled, as am I, and his confidence is back!"

Kristin Healy (parent), Bedford, NH

"Our introduction to Straight A took place last fall when our son (Brendan) received a "C" in his honors Biology class.  This was the first "C" he ever earned and it served as a wake up call for me, my husband and especially Brendan.  This was also the first time I ever heard him say he "hated school!"  It was clear he was feeling discouraged and defeated and we needed to do something to get him back on solid ground academically .  I called Straight A Academy and was thrilled to find out the business was operated by Felix Alvarado - he is the absolute BEST!  If every teacher had Felix's ability to reach students and desire to see them succeed  our kids would all be doing great!  Anyway, by the next quarter, Brendan had brought his grade up to an "A-."  Not only was he thrilled with his grade, he was actually beginning to rediscover his love for science and once again feeling confident about his learning abilities. It was clear that time at Straight A Academy was not about simply memorizing something for the test, it's about making sure the student really grasps it. I apologize for rambling!  In a nut shell, I HIGHLY recommend Straight A Academy! And I fully intend to take advantage of Straight A's SAT services for Brendan when the time is right!"

P.S. "Brendan's SAT scores just came in; we are so thrilled! He qualified for merit scholarships!!!"

Tracey Stone (parent), Bedford, NH

"Espero que este email te encuentre muy bien. Mil gracias por darle atencion a mi hija Savannah, ella esta muy contenta contigo."

Lorena A (parent), Bedford, NH